Friday, May 28, 2010

Thoughts: Sex and the City 2

Ok, so you hate the new SATC for many reasons; it's unrealistic, it makes women look dependant on men, and the consumerism puts Paris Hilton to shame. But let’s face it, some people live like this. Just not you. And I’m so sorry that you can't relate.

Some women never got into SATC, and that's fine. But the beauty of the show is that it portrays all aspects of the modern American woman. The single mother/lawyer Miranda, the married with children and eternally optimistic Charlotte, the promiscuous yet successful Samantha, and the trendy and often monogamous Carrie, whose job and closet I dream of on a daily basis.

Now I’m not going to get into the actual show, but let’s talk about why you hate it.

You think it’s unrealistic: Maybe for you. Many women (people in general) live like this. These women have put so much emphasis on their careers and are simply reaping the rewards. So they’ve chosen not to settle down, who cares? 40 is the new 30.

You think it makes women look dependant on men: Wrong. Miranda is a single mother. Carrie may have gone back to Big… but have you heard of that crazy phenomenon called love? Sometimes two people are just meant to be. And Samantha left longtime love Smith in LA to get her freedom back. Now Charlotte is the only exception since she loves being married, even if it means twice.

You think the consumerism is over the top: Debatable. Yes they shop. A lot. But let’s face it, you’re subconsciously jealous because you can’t do the same. You would kill to look that good in Louboutins and Halston. I would! I’d also kill to drink at the best bars, dine in the best restaurants, and get whisked away to foreign lands. All in time. If anything, just think they're helping the economy.

Basically the movie is about the style, the romanticism, the idealistic. It’s not meant for you to see these women as your bffs. Get over it. Just sit back and admire the beauty of it all.

*Note: I have not seen the movie yet, this response is based on all the commotion around it. But I am seeing it in 2 days and I'm excited.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey babe, what's up? Lol. ;)

Texting: A simple alternative to actual human interaction. And the perfect opportunity to always say the right thing. I mean, you have unlimited time to think of that flawless line, to be smooth, witty, and to provoke the response you want. So why, or lord why, is it so hard for some people? It’s simple, you want to hang out? Then just ask. But please, please (we’re begging you) do not do any of the following:

  1. Do not keep texting someone who is not responding. Period. They do not like you. No she didn’t lose her phone. No he didn’t just happen to miss your text. No she’s not that busy. He’s just not that into you. Exhibit A: "Super Loser Seven" (see photo)

  2. Do not text “what’s up?”... what are you asking here? What am I doing? What are my plans for the evening? Did I accidently dial you? You will most likely provoke a response like “nothing much…” which gets both of you nowhere.

  3. Do not text in the language (or slang) of where that person is from. No “aloha”, or “hello mate”, or “konnichiwa”. Just don’t. It’s not cute. And we know you had nothing else to say so that’s what you came up with. Exhibit B: I don’t even know who this is. (see photo)

  4. Do not use a :) ;) :P or any variation of these, repeatedly. Once or twice ok, if you really mean it, but we’re not 14 yr old girls. I get it, you’re happy.

  5. Do not constantly type “lol”. Really? Are you really laughing out loud? I just said I had a long day at work, is that funny to you?

  6. Do not call me “babe”, we just met. I am not your babe. Exhibit C: That was the last time I talked to him... (see photo)

  7. Do not text someone who didn’t give you their number. Seems simple enough. Getting a girl’s number from a friend of a friend is creepy. And some of us didn’t know our number was posted on Foursquare, ok? That doesn’t mean it’s a free for all!

  8. Do not get passive aggressive if you get turned down. It’s not going to help you any. Exhibit D: I tell a boy he’s texting me too much and it’s overwhelming, his response: (see photo)

  9. Do not type everything in abbreviation. “Hey, how r u? Nice mtg u lst nite. We shuld hang sumtime. Mayb 2morw? lol.” How is that attractive in any way? Survey says: get a life. Or better yet, an education.

  10. Do not SPELL incorrectly! You’re and your. Too and to. It’s not hard! This has to be the number one turn off. Really, I took a poll.

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Hollywood, after all.

Living in Hollywood has its perks; sunshine, run-ins with beautiful celebrities, great restaurants, and even better bars. But with its perfections come its flaws, and flawed they are… the people that is. More specifically, the men. Whether he’s an actor slash model, “in a band”, promotes parties, or “works in production”, one thing is for sure… he’s a self-absorbed characterless immature pathetic excuse for a man. Harsh? Maybe. Ok, yes. But here are my thoughts:

Why he’s self-absorbed: he’s living in LA to be somebody. Period. It doesn’t matter who he meets, he does not care about you. He doesn’t have any real friends, just some buddies from work. He will not stop talking about himself, where he’s traveled, and which celebs he had bottle service with. He probably doesn’t remember your name.

Why he’s characterless: he is a compilation of acting classes; sometimes he’s deep and methodical, sometimes he’s carefree and energetic. And sometimes he’s just… there. His lack of style doesn’t jive in LA so he’s adopted the hipster look; overpriced, overdone, over accessorized, yet... casual? He even grew facial hair to play the part. So who is he? Check his imdb, they probably know better than he does.

Why he’s immature: he’s not interested in a relationship. He’s not ready, too focused on his career, and is “just having fun”. He sleeps on a futon in his studio with a mini fridge full of beer. He doesn’t call/text and believes you should be the one to pursue him. Because you know, he’s worth it.

Why he’s a pathetic excuse for a man: ever hear of being a gentleman? No. This guy doesn’t treat you to dinner, he buys you a drink. Doesn’t open doors, he walks ahead of you. He’s always on his phone, texting, tweeting, bbming. He doesn’t compliment you, he asks you what you think of his new jacket. Pick you up? Forget it. You’re driving your ass to some dive bar in Santa Monica where he can prove to you he is, in fact, all of the above.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Like, Love, Hate. A short story.

Look at you; that outfit, that face, that voice. Drinks. Dinner. Champaign. Drinks. My place. I like you. From strangers to being inseparable. Be your girlfriend? Who are you? I don’t even know you. A run down of your past, your middle name, the meanings of your tattoos. Meet your mother? She didn’t seem to like me. You think you love me? I guess I love you too. Move in with you? Are you insane? It’ll be temporary. We’re going to get married anyway, why not? I love you. Can’t you pick up your socks? And the toothpaste in the sink…? Thanks for making dinner honey. I think you’ve had enough to drink. What do you mean you’re going out? Let’s talk tomorrow when you’re sober. I say these things because I love you. Who’s texting you at this hour? And why is she saying she misses you? Fine, it’s in the past. Let’s move on, together. Buy a house? But… well, I love you too. I lost my job. Wait, I’m being annoying? You’re never home! Who are you chatting with? It would be easier if I had a job? You said I didn’t have to work. Let’s take a vacation? NY? I had an amazing time. I love you. Who gave you this journal? She says you love her. It’s not mutual? This isn’t working. You’ll never talk to her again? Don’t cry. You’re sorry, I know. We’ll be fine. Work with you? I guess that’ll be fun. I’m a bitch? You’re a lying cheating asshole! You hated our NY trip? Well I hate you.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear (Personal) Space Invader,

Thank you for “researching” everything about me before our first date. You were so prepared you even answered all my questions with responses I would say. Like when I asked what type of music you listen to, you said Jazz. Jazz! And you even like Jamie Cullum, that’s my favorite artist! But you already knew that. Speaking of Jamie Cullum, thanks for finding tickets for me/us since they were sold out. It’s kind of weird that at the concert you didn’t know a single song he sang, or sway along to the music, or even smile for that matter. You must have been tired that night or something. Maybe that’s why when I said it was the best concert I had ever been to you seemed shocked, but later said it was the best you had seen too. Delayed reaction. Or maybe it was the double shot of Crown, straight up, that you had. Did you know Crown is my favorite drink? Oh you did? Well for “trying to get into whiskey” I guess it’s a good choice. It's too bad you couldn’t finish it, or even get half way through it for that matter.

What I thought was most impressive was when you told me you’re a foodie, because you know I love to try new restaurants/eat in general. It’s funny though, you couldn’t even name one restaurant in all of LA, so we drove around…. for an hour. Maybe there were just too many options.

To top it all off you even brought me the movie you recommended (and I said I’d get around to). I told you my bff has it and I’d borrow it from her, but you insisted. I said I’d get it on Netflix, but you insisted. I even said I didn’t know when I’d have time to watch it, or when/if I’d see you again, but… you insisted. You must really want me to see this movie.

Oh, and thanks for sending me the link to the company I’m interviewing with, even after I said I had already visited the site. Then for doing added research and telling me other people had negative experiences there, and it might not be worth my time. It’s nice that you had time at work to do all that searching.

Unfortunately I’m so sorry, but even though we apparently like exactly the same tv shows, movies, music, activities, sports, types of food, and now alcohol, I just don’t think it’s going to work out. Maybe I should stick to "opposites attract", or maybe you’re just crazy.

P.S. You might want to get your eyes checked, they kept staring, kind of wildly… it freaked me out.

Dear My Los Angeles Native,

When they say people from LA are crazy, I'm pretty sure you were the one who set the bar. In 3 hours you managed to tell me your entire life story, in great detail. I mean, who needs a little mystery anyway, right? But just so I don't miss anything here's a little recap:

- You were in a gang
- You were a rapper
- You were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon
- You were stabbed 6 times in the stomach
- You were in and out of jail for months
- Your ex put a hit on you with a rival gang
- You were a big time meth and cocaine dealer
- You were addicted to meth
- You lost everything and became homeless
- You got back on your feet by selling drugs again
- You cleaned up your act and became a Big Brother and started your own charity
- You're a banker by day
- You're a club promoter by night

Did I miss anything? Probably.

I don't know if "not my type" sums up my feelings well enough. Maybe more like "hesitant/put off/terrified for my life".

I'm so sorry, but I just can't see myself bringing you home to mother. But thank you, for a lovely evening.

P.S. I love like saw the tattoo of Los Angeles on your arm. It looked... just like it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Worst. Date. Ever.

I was going to write a blog about my dating hiatus, but then I went on a date. And now I remember why I was on a hiatus....

First of all let me preface this with the fact that I've been putting this date off for weeks. "I'm not feeling well", "I just left the gym, I'm all sweaty", you name it, I said it. So finally I felt bad. But more importantly I needed to go out with this guy because he's well connected in this city and will be opening a new club (where I want VIP status) shortly.

Now on to the date. The day prior he texts that we should meet "around 3 or 4" so I plan my day around that. Come 2:00 he says "I'm training people, how about 5?" Ok, that's fine. So I get ready and he says "I'll be done around 5 or 6". Naturally he calls at 6 to say he's finished and asks where to meet me. Here's what happens:

"How about Bougeois Pig in Franklin Village?"
"Ummm I don't know where that is."
"Well do you know where Birds is?"
"Uhhh, no."
"Do you know where Franklin is?? Franklin and Gower?"
"Ummm... yeah. I mean, kind of, is it walkable?"
"It's like 10 blocks. But I would drive."
"Well I don't have a car, can you pick me up?"
"Uh, really? Well, no. I don't drive."
"Oh. Well I guess I'll have to catch a cab. You sure I can't walk it?"
"I mean, you can, it's up to you..."
"Well, um, I don't know, let me figure this out. I'll call you back"

Twenty minutes go by and I text him "are you ok? It's really only like 10 blocks..." He responds with "I'll meet you at 7:30". Seriously? More. Fucking. Waiting?

So 7:30 rolls by and he's sitting outside. Waiting. Smoking. He apologizes for the next 5 minutes and almost redeems himself. That is until he changes the subject... to himself. The next hour was all about name dropping, his party lifestyle, living in Vegas, crazy nights out and getting drunk until 6 am, how he loves clothing, and how he's sooooo busy. And, shocker, he was texting the entire time. He didn't even turn the volume off, it literally chimed every 30 seconds. But the best part was at the end of the hour when he picked up the phone (with no warning), called his friend, and asked if he wanted to go to dinner. Then he gets off the phone and asks if I'm ready to go. You have no idea buddy.

We get outside, he puts his arm around me, and walks me home because he's a "gentleman" as he says. Pffftttt. We say our goodbyes and he excitedly says we should get together soon while rattling off his weekly schedule. Yeah, ok.

Good night. Good bye. Get lost.